How to Tryout for the Most Exclusive Fitness Club in The San Fernando Valley


30 Minute Express Boot Camp is an invite-only membership program.

We use the 1-week tryout to assess if our program is the right long-term fit for each trial member. If you are in fact invited to join our exclusive program you will have the ability to choose from several membership options based on your current schedule and budget.

Tryouts are only offered within the first week of each boot camp out of fairness to current members. All trial members must complete and submit an initial boot camp registration prior to the outlined registration deadline before each phase of boot camp.

Lastly, all interested trial members must attend a mandatory initial boot camp orientation. This orientation is meant to assess the current fitness level of each new trial member and answer any questions or concerns prior to the first workout of the new camp. Please refer to the Boot Camp Calendar for more details.

To get started, simply fill out the form below…

YES! I want to test drive the 30 Minute Express Boot Camp for one week absolutely free. I want to experience the most fun and energizing workout of my life. If I choose to stay on board I understand that I will be billed, according to the program I select, each month at the end of my one-week trial period. So the only thing I have to lose are the unwanted pounds!

Please fill out the form below to register.

Personal Information

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Which boot camp & time slot will you attend? Choose one.

What prompted you to join this program and what do you specifically hope to accomplish during this session?

How did you hear about us? Did someone refer you? If so, what is their name?

Please list previous athletic or fitness experience

Please list any injuries, chronic illnesses (diabetes, COPD, asthma, etc), chronic aches and pains, previous surgeries, or any other physical condition or ailment that may manifest itself during training or affect your training. Please describe ALL relevant conditions in full detail:

Are you currently taking any medications? If so, please list each one and your current corresponding dosages.

Additional Comments

Please review the disclaimer and waiver (shown below), initial, then submit the form.


During your exercise program, every effort will be made to assure your safety. However, as with any exercise program, there are risks, including increased heart stress and the chance of musculoskeletal injuries. In volunteering for this program, you assume responsibility for these risks and waive any possibility for personal damage. You also agree that, to your knowledge, you have no limiting physical conditions or disability that would preclude an exercise program. If you do have any medical issues that may be of concern, you further agree that a physician has cleared you to participate in a training and nutrition program.
A physician’s examination is recommended for (1) all participants with any exercise restrictions and (2) all men >44 years old and all women >54 years old. Coaching participants in either or both of these categories who do NOT have prior physician examination MUST acknowledge they have been informed of its importance. By signing below, you accept full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and you acknowledge an understanding that the leaders of this program assume no responsibility.

Media Release Waiver

I am aware that 30 Minute Express Boot Camp may record workouts/ boot camps for later use on television segments, websites, promotional materials, fitness info products, or in any other way they deem fit.

By signing this document I hereby authorize 30 Minute Express Boot Camp to use my name and likeness, voice, verbal statements, digital pictures, and video and audio recordings for any of the aforementioned purposes.

We will not use a direct photo of you without expressed permission.

Initial to accept the disclaimer

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